Course CoverMaster in Sports Coaching

You will have the opportunity to do, voluntarily, your practices in different clubs in Barcelona, including the RCD Espanyol or its schools

Duration: 7 months
Start: Immediate
Degree: Master

You can pay with a single payment or in terms of 3, 6 or 12 months!

Master in Sports Coaching

The figure of the coaching goes beyond the football coach, sports coaching is a new profession with high demand in professional football clubs, with our Master in Sports Coaching will be able to develop solid players on your goals, factors identify and work performance to acquire resources and overcome obstacles to successfully face competition. Discover the keys and strategies to manage groups, maintaining motivation and leadership to achieve the goals.

All sports coaching tools in a single course. And not only that: also how and when to apply them, to the very best in the field. Learn with them and this course to be an expert in SPORTS COACHING, optimizing individual and collective performance of players, improving your leadership skills and management personnel, and developing the functioning of organizations.

This advanced course will reinforce your knowledge FUTBOLLAB you, and your conviction. You will learn how the mind of an athlete works and internalize own coaching communication skills.

I think the players, how to motivate and lead them, and the tools for it. A course that lets you know real cases to practice and apply the training while you progress in learning. Designed for its structure and content simple cover everything you need to know.


1 COACHING: The Work to be done in person

  • I. The importance of emotional intelligence.
    • Can analyze and accept: strengths and weaknesses.
    • The optimism in adversity.
    • How to transform negative thoughts into positive ones.
    • Manage individual and group emotions.
    • Know how to manage and overcome negative feelings.
    • Commitment as part of the responsibility, positive thinking.
    • The importance of feedback.
    • Techniques of self motivation.
  • II. Education, training, talent work through emotional intelligence.
    • Analyze what our barriers and limits.
    • Adapting to changing situations.
    • Learn to accept aspects that do not add people to the group.
    • Working to overcome adversity, work of defeat.
    • Learn decide how and when.

2. Self-assessment of the state of the group and the people who are

3. The COACHING: The work to be performed in the athlete

  • I. Looking better at work and in the results.
    • Coordination of mind and body.
    • Working, magnify, through positive thinking in sports performance.
    • Sensations as an essential part of the performance.
    • Learn what our limitations.
    • Foster, working, motivating aspects that can be an opportunity.
    • Ways to work motivation.
    • Motivating training methodology.
    • Optimism as an essential part in the recovery of injuries.
    • Learn to lose, know how to win
  • II. Positive attitude in pursuit of better performance.
    • Watch as an essential part of the improvement.
    • Learn learn, internalize knowledge enhancement techniques in sports performance.
    • Be positive as an essential element in the pursuit of performance.
    • Remove negative thinking, believe in achieving the goal.
    • Complacency element to remove.
    • Communication between team members as a motivating part.
  • III. NLP applied to sport.
    • Relaxation techniques.
    • Statements.
    • Reframes.
    • Anchors.
    • Circle of Excellence.
    • Display.
    • Swish Pattern.
    • Techniques association / dissociation.
    • External support and motivational elements.
    • Working intuition as an essential part of the performance.
  • IV. Remove internal issues that hinder performance.
    • Know, want to delete the negative aspects, the fear of not achieving the goal.
    • Emotions and their potential.
    • Learn treat anxiety and to be a tool towards the target, this conversion work toward optimism.
    • The statements of confidence to achieve goals.
    • Search for simulation situations adapt to what will happen in the competition.
  • V. Lead, lead the way.
    • Who is leading and what conditions have.
    • Generator principles and behaviors.
    • Learn to earn the group know what the group needs.
    • Elements that make the leader lose weight and influence.
    • Ways of leading a group.
  • VI. Motivation as an essential part of the process.
    • The effectiveness of communication to achieve the performance.
    • Learn to listen and see that listens.
    • Mark which are guidelines for improvement.
    • Learning from positive and negative situations.
    • Manage success and failure.
    • The team, creating personality.
    • Set ourselves the goal to achieve.
    • Be proficient in the positive, minimize the negative, namely the process shows a summation value.
    • The confidence of the members and groups as part of leadership.
    • Continued support to the group.
    • Types of leaders.

4.The sports coaching

  • I. Learning to train others and self discipline and training with specific skills.
  • II. Designing the future facing their resistance to change and developing core competencies.
  • III. Knowing how to communicate through example.
  • IV. Respect personal space and remove the pressure.
  • V. Help, collaboration personal experiences that affect the performance of athletes. Control, management and sports emotional independence.
  • VI. Competition analysis, decide when the intensities in the motivation and confidence to work.
  • VII. Learn to manage the potential of the group and the people who form it.

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