Course CoverSoccer Goalkeeper Technician (Catholic University of Ávila)

You will have the opportunity to voluntarily do your internship in different clubs in Barcelona, including RCD Espanyol or its schools.

Duration: 3 months
Start: Immediate
Degree: Technical

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Soccer Goalkeeper Technician (Catholic University of Ávila)

With the Course of "Technician in Goalkeepers of Soccer (Catholic University of Ávila)" we will see the figure of the coach and trainer of goalkeepers . A person who spent his life as a soccer player in the goal and who expresses all his experience to teach others to achieve their goals .

In this course we will see how to act, teaching methods, a sophisticated training base and ability to react to the adversary and his own team with critical goal situations.

The Technical Goalkeeper Soccer Coach course provides the necessary knowledge for specific goalkeeper training.

FutbolLab devotes the attention of this course to the training for the goalkeeper's training, from the planning of objectives according to age to the evaluation of characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, and the keys to create practices that guarantee the correct evolution and optimal performance of the goalkeeper.

Discover the essential characteristics of a good goalkeeper, how to plan your training and the appropriate methodologies for each case. As a technical course in Soccer Goalkeeping Coach you will clarify concepts, you will have pedagogical guidance and you will be able to work with practical applications for the optimal use of the course and its application in your work.


Goalkeeper Coach Technical Index in Baseball
  • 1. Regulatory aspects: the football goalkeeper (3 ECTS credits)
  • 2. General context of the soccer goalkeeper's performance (3 ECTS credits)
  • 3. The goalkeeper in the general organization of a team: responsibilities and expected behaviors. (3 ECTS credits)
  • 4. Coordinative aspects: the goalkeeper technique. General features. (3 ECTS credits)
  • 5. Cognitive aspects: the goalkeeper's tactics. General features. (3 ECTS credits)
  • 6. Conditional aspects: the physical preparation of the goalkeeper. General features. (3 ECTS credits)
  • 7. Volitional aspects: the psychology of the goalkeeper. General features. (3 ECTS credits)
  • 8. Analysis of the technical-tactical behaviors of the soccer goalkeeper: study of intervention / action contexts. Offensive game. Defensive play. The ball in play. The ball out of play. Efficacy / efficiency criteria. (3 ECTS credits)
  • 8.1 Defensive game
  • 8.1.1 Space defense.
  • Direct intervention.
  • Indirect intervention.
  • 8.1.2 Goal defense.
  • Direct intervention.
  • Indirect intervention.
  • 8.2 Zones / spaces and defensive risk.
  • 8.3 Zones / spaces and degree of activation.
  • 8.4 Objective defensive risk:
  • 8.4.1 direct completion
  • 8.4.2 indirect termination
  • 8.5 Temporary commitment of the actions of the rival.
  • 8.6 Collective defensive game of the soccer goalkeeper: common behaviors.
  • 9. Track the soccer goalkeeper's competition: tools. Design of observation sheets. Direct and indirect observation: live vs video. The pre and post match report. (3 ECTS credits)
  • 10. Methodological approach: soccer goalkeeper training. From competitive reality to everyday practice. (3 ECTS credits)
  • 10.1 Background situations
  • 10.2 Triggering triggers
  • 10.3 Task design: from simplicity to complexity. Decision making. Impact on the perceivative-decision-executing mechanism. Relevance of stimuli, intensities, specificity, times, etc.
  • 10.4 Training with the group: the goalkeeper coach participates in the approach, design and assessment of tasks.
  • 11. The training goalkeeper and the performance goalkeeper. (3 ECTS credits)
  • 12. The goalkeeper coach: the role within the coaching staff. (3 ECTS credits)

This training program will be carried out taking into account the following points:

Virtual Classroom: The courses are taught entirely in online mode. They are made through our virtual campus that is accessed from the front page of our website, , through the Virtual Classroom Access button . From there you can enter topics, explanatory presentations, demonstration videos, teacher analysis, tasks that are sent to you and corrected by teachers.

Tutors: Teachers offer continuous tutoring, establishing telephone tutorials and / or videoconferencing explaining the doubts that arise. They guide your formative evolution throughout the course, depending on your profile and level of dedication or study schedule. As we have indicated, the syllabus, videos, articles, interviews with experts ... are part of your evolution in the course, so you will perform periodic exercises that the teacher corrects to give you the clearest idea of the topic being working.

Evaluation: At the end of the course you will carry out a final project that will encompass all the areas studied and that will always involve the development of a real case, since from FutbolLab we want our courses at all times to be directed to the real training situation found in technicians in their teams.

Enrollment process: To enroll you just have to click on the Enroll tab, from there it will ask you to enter your personal data necessary for the academic record and in the final part of the process you can choose the payment format of this program.

Remember that in this course you can go at your own pace and do it according to your availability, as long as you do not exceed the maximum time to do it, which in the case of masters is 2 and a half years, 18 months for Expert or Technical courses and 7 months for courses that are not of these categories.

It is ample time to complete, if you still need more time, you must request authorization from the admissions department to extend a time, in case you get a positive response the new agreed time will be automatically extended.

You can contact us via email at , by phone at 34 93438 6000.

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This master's degree is issued by the AVILA CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY and has 20 ECTS credits ( 500 teaching hours).

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